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23 May 2016 Lucky Brand

Talk about a fun way to start off the week....Sadie's shoot for Lucky Brand has surfaced and the images have been added to the gallery! She loved working with a couple of her friends laughing and playing around in front of the camera, and it is always an awesome shoot when Dani Brubaker is involved. The images have been popping up on the company's website in the kids apparel section, and a thank-you goes out to Dani for the final images that they will be using this season. Sadie loved working with the props she and her friends got to use and don't they make you want to go out and get an ice cream cone yourself? What a fantastic shoot, and if you're lucky enough to have a location near you that carries the kids line make sure to pop in as you may see Sadie in the stores too!

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09 May 2016 LA Fashion Week!

I have a huge update to share with everyone today, one that takes us straight to LA Fashion Week! Flashing lights, crowds of people, Sadie saw it all from the runway as she walked in the show put on by Rose Cottage Designs! Designer Cinda Biggs was the only children's designer to be on the runway at LAFW and Sadie was thrilled to be selected as one of the models in her show. She wore a gorgeous skirt and blouse outfit complete with boots and a floral hair accessory. Sadie loved the autumn colors and the photographers thought she looked spectacular up there on the runway, snapping several fantastic images of her during the show. A thank-you goes out to RPB Studio, Chad Alan, Robert Yu, 4Chion Marketing and more for the images they captured of Sadie on the runway!

Sadie had a wonderful time at the Rose Cottage Designs show. The hair and make up team were so great as she sat in the chair having them get her prepped for the big night, and she had a lot of fun with her friends who were walking too. The girls posed for pictures together throughout their time together, and Sadie enjoyed getting to spend time with Ava Kolker from Girl Meets World, Alyvia Alyn Lind from Blended, and Addison Riecke from The Thundermans. It was like a big party with friends to help get the energy pumping and excitement climbing before taking to the runway to put on the best fashion show they could, and Sadie totally rocked it!

There is a lot of prep work that goes into being ready for the big show and after her fitting for the show she and the other models did an interview for Davi Davenport Live with Cinda. Sadie sat between Davi and Cinda as she received compliments about her sense of style and heard what Cinda had to say about selecting Sadie as one of her models. Davi was blown away by Sadie's word choice in describing her outfit for the show and all of Cinda's designs saying the clothes make her feel "free and happy". Sadie's bright personality shines through her interview and you can view it below:

A big thank-you to Cinda Biggs and Rose Cottage Designs for this incredible evening. Sadie had so much fun walking in your show at LAFW and this is an experience that she will always remember!

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25 Apr 2016 Kelley Blue Book

I promise, your eyes are not playing tricks on you if, while watching television this past week, you could have sworn that you saw Sadie in a commercial that had aired. I am very excited to share that a couple of weeks ago she filmed a commercial for Kelley Blue Book and the spot is now airing! She can be seen with her pretend family, curled up on the couch watching TV themselves, even the family dog, however her mother is not as involved. She's busy watching expert reviews through the Kelley Blue Book website and now Sadie and the rest of her family have all eyes on Mom and can even hear the voice over voice speaking in the room too, freaking Dad out a little bit. An image from the spot featuring Sadie's pretend family is also being used on their website, it is so much fun when companies connect their advertising spots with the images they use online!

Behind the scenes, Sadie had a wonderful time working on her commercial. She loves getting to meet new people and see the process to how they film the project. She got along very well with her pretend brother and the two spent time together off set doing their homework, playing, it's great having someone your own age around to help pass the time. Images from the shoot have been added to the gallery and the Kelley Blue Book commercial has already been spotted on stations such as the NFL Network. Make sure to keep an eye out for Sadie on your television screens!

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09 Mar 2016 Meet Me At A Funeral!

We are just a few days away from the first official film festival screening of Meet Me At A Funeral! Sadie worked so hard on this film last year, and she is very excited that people are going to be coming out to view the movie. It will be screened at the Asians on Film festival this Saturday, and then at the North Hollywood Cinefest on March 22nd. It also recently was announced on the film's Facebook page that the movie has been selected for its first out of state festival! Meet Me At A Funeral will be making its way to Oregon for the DisOrient Asian American Film Festival of Oregon which runs April 29th - May 01st. In anticipation for the film festival circuit a new poster has been released to promote the movie and it features Sadie! It was so exciting to see her in the poster when it went up online, and the quote used really leaves a lasting impression. Make sure that you are keeping an eye on film's page to see when it is coming to a festival near you!

With Meet Me At A Funeral making its film festival debut this weekend what better time to add behind the scenes images! I have just updated the gallery with several photos ranging from showing the different sets to Sadie in action, and her posing with those involved in bringing this movie together. Sadie absolutely loved working alongside Zoe Kim in her scene, who is also the writer of the film, and the crew behind the scenes were great as well, giving her direction, making sure she was having a good time, and praising her for a job well done when she wrapped. I especially love the images of Sadie hanging out on set between takes with her favorite stuffed animal who got to come along for the day, and you can really see the excitement in her eyes as she gets to hold the director's action board in some of her photos. What an incredible experience working with this talented team, and Sadie, we are all so proud of you!

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26 Feb 2016 Walmart Commercial!!

I have a very exciting update to share with everyone today, one that has been well worth the wait to see, and now it is time to enjoy not only fun new images, but a commercial as well! Last summer Sadie filmed a commercial for Walmart, and I am happy to say that you can now all see it as it has been uploaded to Sadie Lady! She plays the daughter of one of the families invited over to a neighbor's house for a backyard party that lasts well into the evening. Sadie can be seen multiple times in the spot as she and her family arrive, bringing their hosts a gift, and as they enjoy each other's company laughing under the patio lights. Doesn't it make you want to throw your own backyard party this summer after seeing how much Sadie and her friends are having? Make sure to watch the commercial below:

Sadie had a fantastic time filming her Walmart commercial. She loves being on set, and getting to see all of the cameras and hard work going into filming this project was pretty neat. She spent a lot of her time between takes hanging out with the other kids as they did sticker and coloring activities, read books, and of course had fun with the adults working on the spot as well, taking time to pose for pictures together and be silly. Images from Sadie's time filming the commercial can be found in the gallery, and thank-you to everyone involved for such a wonderful experience!

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