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06 Sep 2013 Christa Renee Shoot!

I hope everyone's ready for some fun new photos!! Sadie recently did a photoshoot with Christa Renee and with a big thank-you to Christa, we have some of the images to share! The shoot had a lot of creative and artistic elements to it which Sadie loved, especially when she got to try and eat the flower and twirl around the room. Christa captured some very sweet images, and a lot of fun ones too while Sadie and her friend were a ball of energy for the camera. There are so many fantastic shots and I especially love the one where Sadie is wearing the crown and pink dress, check out those silver boots! Thank-you Christa for such a great shoot!

Sadie has some booking news! She just wrapped a new shoot for Roxy and tomorrow Sadie will be shooting with Tammie Jane for Who's Little? and TMK Magazine, it's going to be lots of fun!

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01 Aug 2013 Matilda Jane!!

It's time for a very exciting update here at Sadie Lady! Earlier this year Sadie got to travel to Oregon to shoot for the upcoming Matilda Jane line Paint by Numbers with Shannon Sewell. It has just been released, and Sadie can be seen on the company's website, blog, Facebook page and in their lookbook! The images are fabulous, full of color and super fun shots. I especially love the photo of Sadie sitting on the rock and the close up by the tree, it's clear she and her friends were having a blast!

Sadie also appears in the company's behind the scenes videos! Laughing, playing, the camera captured some great moments of Sadie on set, and I love seeing her and her friends interacting while their photos are being taken. She really enjoyed using the guitar and we got some fantastic close up shots. Make sure to check them out below. Thank-you Matilda Jane for such a wonderful shoot!

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23 Jul 2013 Jelly the Pug!

I have a very fun update for everyone today! A little while ago Sadie did an exciting shoot with Natalie Warr for Jelly the Pug and their upcoming fall line. She was full of energy jumping around and smiling for the camera, and now Sadie can be seen on the company's website showing off their new designs! With a thank-you to Natalie Warr, Sadie's shoot has been added to the gallery, which includes tons of cute and fun new images. The pigtails look so sweet on her and I especially love the images of her rockin' the sunglasses! Make sure to check out the gallery for all of the fabulous new photos!

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16 Jul 2013 IMDB & Echoes!

Exciting news!! Sadie now has an IMDB page! Her role in the short film Echoes got her her first credit on the site, and she now has her page set up with photos and information. Make sure to come by and give it a 'like' by clicking here!

I have even more fun Echoes news to share! The poster for the film has recently been released and a copy has just been added to the gallery. The best part is that Sadie's name is listed on it at the bottom with her fellow cast members, her very first movie poster, so cool!

Sadie has some booking news, she recently shot for Fore Axel and Hudson!

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30 May 2013 Talented Models-Kids Magazine

Talented Models-Kids Magazine released their first issue earlier this year and Sadie was happy to be a part of it! She shot with the wonderful Mindy Tanimoto for a fun ranch themed shoot and several of her photos appeared in a multi-page photo spread. I absolutely love the photos of Sadie rockin' her cowgirl hat with the pigtails, and it is always nice seeing photos of her and her friends getting to shoot together. With a thank-you to Mindy we have the shoot images as well! Make sure to check them out in the gallery.

Not only was Sadie a part of one of the featured shoots, she, along with Zack and Nathan, also did an interview! The article has quotes from Sadie about filming her commercial for Target while Zack talks about shooting Access Hollywood Live! Copies of the pages for the interview have been added to the gallery, and we also encourage everyone to check out the full magazine here.

In addition to the photos from the magazine, I also have some fantastic behind the scenes images to share with everyone! Sadie loved getting to play with her friends between parts of the shoot, the haystacks were so much fun to climb and jump around on. She especially loved the tire swing, and could probably stay there all day if she could! Thank-you to Mindy and the Talented Models-Kids Magazine team for such an exciting shoot!

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