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13 Feb 2015 Tea Collection!

Hide those winter coats because it's time for some spring fun with Tea Collection! Sadie shot for the company last year, and images have now been surfacing! She is a part of a very fun group shot modeling the latest designs for the company's A Celebration of India collection which has been featured throughout their website, as well as in their catalog. She was so happy to model one of outfits a part of this collection reflecting the vibrant colors and patterns of the Indian culture, and had a great time shooting with Amanda Pratt! She fell in love with the dress she was wearing, and check out those accessories, they were were amazing and really brought the whole look together for the shoot!

Behind the scenes, Sadie had a fantastic time working with some of her fellow Zuri friends. The location was pretty cool, a lot to see and explore, and it really helped embrace the theme of the collection. One of the best parts was getting to see the peacock walking around the set, it's not every day you get to see one so close, and that is definitely one memory that Sadie will remember for years to come!

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30 Jan 2015 Happy Birthday!!

It's a big day here at Sadie Lady as after much planning, counting down, and a night of Sadie and Zack being too excited to sleep....their birthday is here! They are turning nine years old today, yes NINE! Where does the time go?! Now they are up, and enjoying their special day, celebrating with friends and family, and making this a day to remember. They can't wait to enjoy the traditional birthday cake, presents, and well wishes of the day as well as everything their family does to keep the fun going throughout the day. Here at Sadie Lady some of you have also wanted to help make their day a great one and have been sending in messages, graphics, and videos and thank-you to everyone who submitted, they love seeing everything!

Sadie and Zack, fans have been busy helping to put your Birthday Project together. They are happy to get to help celebrate your 9th birthday with you, and hope that today is a fantastic one from start to finish! Get comfy at the computer, and click on the link to see some well wishes and fun graphics and videos people have helped put together for you. This is your birthday gift to you from fans, Happy Birthday!!

Sadie and Zack's 9th Birthday Project

Sadie I hope you have a wonderful day today as everyone helps to make your special day an amazing one. Friends, family, everyone loves you so much and always loves seeing you smiling and happy, especially when it's time to celebrate being another year older. Turning nine is going to be pretty awesome, lots of new things to see and do, and I hope that this year is an incredible one, full of new memories and experiences, Happy Birthday Sadie!

Zack, I hope your day today is awesome as everyone comes together to celebrate your birthday! Enjoy all of the traditions and exciting moments that make this special day one you look forward to every year. Turning nine is so exciting and and the fun is only just beginning as there is a whole year of opportunities and things to look forward to to make nine a really cool age! Enjoy today, and may today be full of fun and excitement, Happy Birthday Zack!

This week also marks six years since Sadie Lady first opened, very exciting! The website opened a day before Sadie and Zack's third birthday, and how great that we've all been able to share in so many of their exciting moments and accomplishments over the years.

Happy Birthday Sadie and Zack and Happy Anniversary Sadie Lady!

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23 Jan 2015 Natalie Warr Photography!

I have a very fun update to share with everyone today as there is a part two to Sadie and Zack's holiday photoshoot with Natalie Warr! They had a great time down at the beach for this set of images, and it made a wonderful backdrop for the photos as the kids ran in the sand, and posed for some very nice sibling shots by the rocks and water. They really enjoyed using the letter props that spelled out 'Joy', tossing the letters up in the air as they jumped. Mocha also got in for some more photos with Sadie as the two sat in the sand posing for pictures, which came out wonderfully.

Zack has some solo shots from this part of the shoot as well which can be found in his section of the gallery. He really liked taking some photos with Mocha, the two are the best of buddies, and one of his favorite parts of the whole shoot was jumping in the air along the shore as Natalie captured some action shots. Thank-you Natalie for a fantastic set of new Sadie and Zack images!

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16 Jan 2015 Peek, Aren't You Curious

2014 was a fantastic year for Sadie and she closed it out with her shoot for Peek, Aren't You Curious surfacing! She was seen on the company website as well as their social media accounts, and I am happy to say the images can now be viewed in the gallery. Sadie had a great time working with friends, and the clothes she got to wear are awesome with all the different patterns, text, and fun colors. Several of her images were used to head different sections of the website, and along with the shoot images I also have some outtakes to share too! I hope everyone has as much fun looking at the new photos as Sadie had shooting them, and thank-you to everyone at Peek, Aren't You Curious for a great time!

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09 Jan 2015 Birthday Project!!

In just a few short weeks Sadie and Zack will be turning nine years old! They already cannot wait for their birthday to be here so they can celebrate with family and friends, and what better way to make it extra special for them than with a birthday project! This is where you can send in messages, graphics, and videos for them to see on their birthday. They love seeing everything you do to support them throughout the year, and hopefully many of you will send in to be a part of this for their birthday. Make sure to Click Here to be taken to the birthday project form and the submission deadline is January 27th!

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