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15 Dec 2013 Roxy!!

Get ready for some fun with Roxy as more images have begun to surface! The company has recently updated their website with new photos including shots from her latest shoot with the company. She got to show off so many awesome outfits, and the images came out wonderfully. I especially love the ones with her hair in the braid and she looks so comfy cozy and happy in her vest!

Not only do I have the shoot images from Sadie's latest Roxy set, but I also have behind the scenes images from her in studio shoots! She loves getting to meet new friends, the hair and make up people are amazing, and it's so much fun bringing her favorite stuffed animals to the shoot with her. Make sure to check out the new photos in the gallery!

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06 Dec 2013 Roxy!!

I have the perfect update today to get everyone into the holiday spirit! Roxy has been busy updating their website and an image from Sadie's holiday shoot with them has surfaced! It is a great image of her and her friend having fun together as the snow blows around them, and it has just been added to the gallery so make sure to check it out!

In addition, I have also just added behind the scenes images as well as a video of Sadie hanging out outside between takes to the site. Sadie had a blast shooting the holiday campaign for Roxy, she got to go to Big Bear where they had this beautiful cabin on the water. While it was a nice warm day outside, inside Sadie and her friend were decorating the Christmas tree, cookies, and they even got to go out and play in fake snow! Thank-you Roxy for such a fun shoot!

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08 Nov 2013 Raisins!!

Who's ready for some fun?! I have some new Sadie images to share with everyone today and they're going to leave you wanting to run out the door to the nearest pool and jump in for a nice fun swim. Sadie shot for the swimwear company Raisins earlier this year modeling their spring 2014 line. Their lookbook has recently surfaced and Sadie appears on two pages as she dances around and enjoys a tasty coconut drink. With a big thank-you to the company I also have the shoot images! I especially love the shot of her in the orange and yellow striped swimsuit, and the one of her in green is so fun, you can see just how great of a time she was having throughout the shoot.

In addition, behind the scenes images from Sadie's shoot can be found in the gallery as well. She loved working with friends, and had a lot of fun staying at a hotel in Palm Springs where the shoot was done. It was so hot that day, but she was a trooper, full of smiles and having a blast. After the shoot wrapped she and her friends jumped in the hotel pool for a much needed swim and cool off. Thank-you to everyone at Raisins for such a wonderful shoot!

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01 Nov 2013 Talented-Models Kids Magazine!

Issue three of Talented Models-Kids Magazine is now here! Sadie did a really fun shoot for the issue wearing one of her favorite lines, Who's Little? Working with the amazing Tammie Jane it was a wonderful day down at the docks and the weather was absolutely perfect for the shoot. With a big thank-you to Tammie I now have the shoot images to share with everyone! Sadie loved shooting on the boat, so much to explore, and I especially love the shots of her pretending to steer the boat and looking through the telescope. Tammie had such wonderful words to say about Sadie at the shoot saying:

She is so amazing at following directions! I got my shots of her right away.I would LOVE to use her again in the future where I can focus more on her! She is adorable!!!
Sadie loved working with Tammie too and really hopes she'll get to shoot with her again in the near future! Make sure to check out the new images in the gallery!

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31 Oct 2013 Happy Halloween!!

Whether you're looking for a trick or a treat tonight I know you are all going to love this Halloween treat I have for you! Sadie and Zack went to a really exciting Halloween party this past weekend, dressing up as an Indian Princess and a 'Zack O' Lantern' they had a blast with their friends, getting candy, and more. There was a photo booth there, and before they knew it they were posing for all kinds of fun images. With a thank-you to Laura Schmidt we have copies of their photos which capture all of the Halloween party excitement. I just love their costumes, Sadie makes a beautiful Indian princess and Zack totally rocks his costume! I hope everyone has a fantastic night tonight, Happy Halloween!

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