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23 Oct 2015 Peek, Aren't You Curious

Fall is in the air with Peek, Aren't You Curious! Sadie loves working for the company and flew out to San Francisco a couple months ago to shoot for their fall collection. Long sleeves, skirts, and dresses, she loved the different outfits she modeled and her photos were popping up on the company website and their social media accounts. It was always a fun surprise having her pop up in our inboxes as the company sent out their latest deals to subscribers, and I especially love the shots of Sadie and her friend goofing around in front of the bookcases with their glasses, a nice back to school vibe!

Behind the scenes, Sadie loved shooting at the Kohl Mansion. A gorgeous grounds, and the interior was breath taking as well as they shot in different spots of the venue. She loved working with friends, posing together for big group shots, those are always a lot of fun, and make for some good laughs when trying to get everyone organized for the shot. Sadie especially enjoyed working with Elaine Lee again who always makes her time on set exciting, and she made sure to get a photo with her before the day ended.

One of the great things about shooting for Peek, Aren't You Curious is that they sometimes have some projects in the works while on set. When doing their summer line they were filming a series of videos with their models and talked to Sadie about her plans for summer vacation. She had some great ideas for a vacation destination, so much so that everyone wanted to come with her! There is a catch though in order for them to tag along on the Som family vacation, and you can view the clip below:

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16 Oct 2015 Elaine Lee Photography

I have a very fun update to share with everyone today and it comes in the form of a photoshoot! Sadie always enjoys working for Peek, Aren't You Curious, and after wrapping up this year's summer shoot for the company she did some additional shots with Elaine Lee down at the beach. Sporting her fun rainbow pattern bikini she and her friend were having a great time running into the water, splashing as the waves rushed up to them. I especially love the images of Sadie laughing, Elaine capturing the pure joy she was feeling while playing in the water, and I'm sure I'm not alone in these images making me wish for just one more week of summer to enjoy a day like this too! Thank-you Elaine for the fantastic images, Sadie loved shooting with you!

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02 Oct 2015 Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Launch Party!

On September 24th Sadie booked & modeled for Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Launch Party in collaboration with Chasing Fireflies, and talk about one of the coolest nights ever! The party was held in Hollywood at Duffs Cake Mix. Wearing a gorgeous white Harajuku dress she took the runway in front of a crowd of people, including the press, all while Gwen Stefani herself was there cheering her on! Sadie loved all of the flashing lights and music blasting as everyone watched her strike her pose. After the show all of the girls gathered together for press photos with Gwen as they celebrated the launch and had such a fun time in front of all the cameras. One of the sweetest moments was caught on video of Sadie during this part as she was so focused on Gwen standing right near her, completely in awe, and the moment sinking in that she was here at the show and working with her. Meeting and working with Gwen is definitely going to be something Sadie will always remember!

Behind the scenes Sadie was very excited to have so many of her fellow industry friends taking part in the show as well, and sharing in this awesome night. The girls posed for photos together throughout the night and also got in on all of the fun crafts and activities at the event for all of the kids attending. Before she left, Sadie made sure to get a photo of just her and Gwen together, smiling happily for the camera and not ready for this night to ever end, it was such an incredible show!

Media Footage of the fashion show made its way to online and televised press outlets afterwards including Access Hollywood, Entertainment Scoop, NOW and Entertainment Tonight! With each featuring different clips and angles, it was really neat to see all of the moments captured and I have updated the media section with ALL the clips. A big thank-you goes out to Gwen Stefani, the Chasing Fireflies team, Getty photos and everyone involved in making this such as successful night. Sadie had an incredible time, and I am sure that all of you reading this are just as excited and happy for her as I am that she was a part of this amazing show!

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18 Sep 2015 Target, MilK Magazine & More!

I have a fun update for everyone today full of all kinds of goodies and new images from various jobs Sadie has worked on! To kick things off is her ad for Target which was used in their back to school catalog that released back in July. Not only was she featured in a full page shot for denim but her image also surfaced in advertisements online and the full shot was used on their website! It was nice to see that the company chose to use the photo beyond the catalog and hopefully some of you saw it while doing your back to school shopping on their website.

Sadie had a great time shooting the "The Gypsy Wanderer" for Little Revolution Magazine and Kymberly Marciano released a fantastic additional solo shot of Sadie on her Facebook page, which can now also be found in the gallery. Back in 2013 Sadie was spotted for Jakks Pacific as Periwinkle for their new Tinkerbell line of toys and not only was she featured on the costume, but also in a dress up set that also comes with their dolls. The product was sold online and also spotted on store shelves at retailers such as Toys R Us.

Lastly, Sadie shot for MilK Magazine earlier this year doing multiple looks for the Birds of Paradise editorial. One of the highlights was definitely working with the parrot that was on set, having it sitting on her shoulder as they posed for some photos together. Behind the scenes images of that moment as well as some shots throughout the day have also been added, make sure to check out all of the new gallery additions!

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04 Sep 2015 Alex Kruk Photography!

Get ready for a very fun and exciting update all thanks to the wonderful and talented Alex Kruk! Sadie did a new photoshoot with her recently and the images are so fabulous that I could not wait to share them with everyone today! From her different looks to poses and props, you can tell just how much fun she had shooting with Alex again, and I love the variety of industry photos and fun outtakes. Sadie had one of her favorite stuffed animals, Puffle, with her who got in on the shoot, and I especially love the shots where she is wearing her jean vest and floral headwrap. These images showcase Sadie's wide range of facial expressions and fun personality as she goes from serious shots to smiles, posing with her hands making the shape of a heart, and even turns a pine cone into a fun prop to use. Make sure to view all of the fantastic new photos in the gallery, and thank-you to Alex, as well as Christina Turino, for another great photoshoot!

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